Nightly brings Credit Cards feature in Firefox

Firefox Nightly receives all the upcoming features way ahead of other releases. Mozilla ships upcoming features for user testing in Firefox Nightly. In the latest update, Nightly added the Credit Cards feature in Firefox for Android.

Along with Credit Cards, Firefox also released its own Firefox Translator. Firefox Translator was initially named Project Bergamot for some unknown reasons. It will more privacy-friendly than Google Translator. You can enable it from about:config.

Nightly brings Credit Cards feature in Firefox

In the latest version, Nightly 90.0a1 introduced a new Credit Card feature in Firefox. It is now available in the Firefox settings. To access Navigate to Settings > Credit Cards.

Nightly brings Credit Cards feature in Firefox
Firefox Nightly 90.0a1 for Android

After Firefox Nightly brings the Credit Cards feature in the upcoming stable update, you’ll be able to sync your cards and use them across devices. It works similarly to the Payments option in Google Chrome.

The Credit Cards feature in Firefox allows you to save your Payment Info like Credit and Debit cards. Firefox will sync your payment info across devices using your Mozilla account. They also introduced the Auto-fill Credit Cards feature in Firefox, which makes payment fast.

How to use the Credit Cards feature in Firefox Nightly?

Follow these steps to use the Credit Cards feature in Firefox Nightly:

  1. Install the latest version of Firefox Nightly from Google Play Store or third-party websites
  2. Launch Firefox Nightly after installation
  3. Tap on the three-dot menu and choose Settings to open Firefox Settings
  4. Tap on the Credit Cards option in Firefox Settings
  5. Add your Credit Card or any other payment information

Now, you will be prompted to Auto-fill payment info while paying for something online. If you want to synchronize the payment info across devices, log in or sign up for a firefox account.

Firefox Nightly Build version: 90.0a1

Note: Firefox Nightly is Mozilla’s pre-release project for user testing. These features may be modified or removed from the final stable update. I expect this feature to be released in two to three weeks as a final stable release. It shouldn’t be considered as a final release. Learn more about Firefox Nightly here.

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