Niagara Launcher adding Folders in upcoming update

Niagara Launcher is a very simple and lightweight app launcher for Android devices. Niagara is very popular for its minimalism and swipe gestures.

In upcoming updates, they are planning to add Folder support which is one of the most requested feature by Niagara Launcher fans. They announced this with a tweet with an image showing folder like icon sneaking out.

After this tweet, they got a positive response from Niagara Launcher users.

In the previous update, Niagara introduced a modern version of Weather forecasting widget with a lot of modern features.

Niagara Launcher v1.1.2  also added new features like:

  • Close App Animations
  • Widget Setting Sheet
  • Battery Charge Indicator
  • Transparent Screenshots

Niagara Launcher users also noticed some bugs like the Music player widget stuck at one place, which can be fixed by restarting the launcher and the developers are working on a fix.

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