11 Must Delete Android Apps and Why?

Looking for must delete android apps? Most probably, you’re facing storage issues or fed up with the bloatware in your Android smartphone. No matter, what’s the reason, we are here with our list of must delete android apps and with reasons, why you should delete them right away.

Most smartphone manufacturers ship their smartphones with bloatware. These bloatware or unwanted apps are either developed by the manufacturer or are in a partnership with the app. Smartphone Companies sign such deals and partnerships to cover the losses in discounts they give on their smartphones. Mobile Phones are very cheap these days and companies use bloatware apps as a method to make more money and cover the losses.

Most of the time, we don’t even need many apps that are available on our Android phones. In this article we will have a look at must delete Android apps and why you should delete them right now.

11 Must Delete Android Apps and Why?

must delete android apps

These are the must delete Android apps, and I will also tell you the reason why you should delete these apps.

1. Google Translate

google_translate_app - must delete android apps


Google Translate app is quite good for translating a language to another. It is a pretty handy tool for everyone, especially students. But, if you’re not a regular user of Google Translate. I would suggest just uninstall/delete the Google Translate app.

You can use Google Translate from Google App and Lens itself. Even you can visit translate.google.com to use it in the browser. So, you can delete Google Translate to save some space on your Android phone and make it less cluttered.

2. QR Scanner

qr scanner - must delete android apps


QR is a pretty old-school thing but still used for many things. If you use a QR scanner app on your smartphone to scan QRs, you should just get rid of that.

You don’t need to install any additional QR Scanner app on your smartphone. Because you can scan QRs and any other type of graphical code with the pre-installed Google Lens app. It will definitely save space on your smartphone and make it less cluttered.

3. RAM Booster Apps

must delete android apps

Seriously, nobody even Google can’t develop an app that can increase your RAM. RAM is not a virtual thing, it’s a physical part/hardware on your smartphone.

No app can increase your RAM. If you purchased a smartphone with 4 GB RAM it will stay 4GB only. No app is going to increase RAM. Most of these RAM Booster Apps are total crap and they do harm to your phone’s performance. These apps are mostly adware(apps full of advertisements and trackers) use to make money and track your activities.

4. OCR Apps

must delete android apps

OCR was an important part of our life. People were using big scanners for OCR(optical character reading), but these days people use OCR apps on smartphones to extract text from physical documents.

However, you don’t need these OCR tools anymore. Google Lens is the best replacement for such apps. Google Lens can extract text much better than these OCR apps using the power of A.I.

You can save storage and improve the performance of your Android phone by removing these OCR apps. It is a must delete Android apps.

5. Facebook App

must delete android apps - facebook

Facebook is not what it was back in the golden time. Now, it is used for tracking, manipulation, and whatnot. I would suggest stopping using it right away. Good for mental stability and your smartphone too.

Facebook app is a memory hog and also it’s a huge app. You can remove the Facebook app and use it through the website. It will save storage and RAM usage on your smartphone which ultimately improves the performance of your smartphone.

6. Free VPN Apps

must delete android apps

There’s nothing like Free Pizza or Free Food for everyone, then why free VPN? Play Store is full of free VPN apps that promise to provide VPN services for absolutely nothing.

VPNs are the most common method to bypass censorship and geoblocking. People use it to book tickets, watch their favorite TV show not available in their country. VPN is basically a server somewhere that masks your traffic, so if someone tries to sneak into your I.P. address they will see server IP instead. Now, we all know servers cost money. Then why these VPN services are free?

Most of these free VPN apps are used for tracking user activity and make money with ads. Sometimes both tracking and serving ads. Nobody is as generous as these VPN companies Huh. Now, you get it why everyone just throws a big banned at you saying “Free VPN Here, Take it.”.

Free VPN apps are must delete Android apps. They log activity and serve terrible ads. There’s only one VPN provider I trust is ProtonVPN owned by ProtonMail.

8. Camscanner

must delete android apps

Camscanner is a widely used PDF scanner app for Android. It is developed by Instig, a Chinese firm. It is caught red-handed stealing user data and taking enormous permissions. If you use Camscanner for PDF Scanning, I would suggest deleting it immediately.

You can use alternatives like Office Lens, vFlat(open-source), and Adobe Scan. These alternatives are completely safe to use on your Android smartphones. Camscanner is also banned in many countries and removed from Play Store.

9. Cleaner Apps

must delete android apps

Cleaner Apps are similar to RAM Booster apps, These cleaners apps like Clean Master promise to clean your phone storage by removing useless files. But, I would suggest avoiding using these apps. These cleaner apps are mostly developed in China and they are used to track user activity and steal sensitive data from your smartphone.

Files by Google is the best solution for cleaning your Phone storage. The File by Google app organizes files in different categories and then gives you recommendations to delete these files. You can choose what to delete and what to keep on your smartphone. Files app is trusted as developed by Google. Now add such cleaner apps to the list of must delete Android apps and remove it immediately.

10. WPS Office

must delete android apps

WPS Office is a popular office application for Android devices. However, it is developed by Kingsoft, a Chinese firm. You should delete WPS office from your smartphone due to privacy and security reasons. Being a Chinese firm, they can share the user data with Chinese governments. So, I would recommend uninstalling the WPS Office app.

Instead, you can use the Microsoft Office app. It is a lightweight office application that lets you open any type of office file. You can also create DOC, PPT, and more using the app. Add WPS Office to the list of must delete Android apps.

11. Battery Saver Apps

battery saver apps

You should never install any app that promised it will improve the battery life of your Smartphone. These apps degrade battery life instead of improving it. No such apps can improve the hardware of your smartphone.

If you want to use Battery Saver, you can enable it from your settings themselves. You don’t need to install any additional app. If you have any battery saver apps installed, add them to the list of must delete Android apps.


If you install any app from Play Store, always look for the alternatives which are available in the pre-installed apps or system settings. If they are not available, then search for the safest option, do not just install any app that shows up in the search result on Play Store.

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