9 Mobilism Alternatives for Android MODS

We all love using modded Android apps as they are more powerful, feature-rich and remove clutter like unnecessary permissions.

Mobilism is one of the most popular forum for Android Mods lovers. It is a forum like website where developers share their modded versions of applications.

In this website, you’ll get latest versions of all mods with detailed explanation of Mod features and Screenshots. But if you are not able to find mod of an application on Mobilism, don’t worry. I am sharing this list Mobilism alternatives for Android mods.

9 Mobilism Alternatives for Android MODS

Here are the Mobilism Alternatives for Android MODS:

1. PlatinMods

PlatinMods is a community of Game mods developers who create Android Game Mods that add additional functionality or enable all premium features. It is full of amazing Game Mods and even Android App Mods. You should definitely checkout.

2. XDA-Developers Forum

XDA-Developers is one of the biggest Android Mods community. Its members are the most talented developers. You’ll get Android Mods to Custom ROMS everything on a single destination. You can check it our here.

3. PolarMods

PolarMods is a similar community to PlatinMods. It is a hub of MOD developers but focused on App MODS rather than Game MODS. In PolarMods, developers release Android App Mods by removing unnecessary permissions, ads and adding additional features. You can check it out here.

4. HighGame Community

HighGame Community is a Xenforo forum based community. In this community, MOD developers share Mods of games and also share their own games. They also have a VIP section where you can get premium mods and request for mods. Checkout HighGame Community here.

5. Element Evil

Element Evil is one of the oldest and most active MOD developer community. It is based on a phpBB forum and they offer both Android App and Game Mods. In Element Evil, you’ll get latest versions of all Android App and Game Mods. You should definitely check it out here.

6. ACMarket

ACMarket is the legacy of Modded apps and games. It was first available as a website but now they shifted to Android App. ACMarket Android app is full of all kind of Android Games and App Mods. Most of the App Mods are aggregated from different platforms and not developed by them. You can download ACMarket from here.


iOSGODS is a community of MOD developers that develop App and Game Mods for both Android and iOS. If you want mods specifically for Android then you can checkout their Android section in the forum. Go to iOSGODS

8. BlackMod

BlackMod is another quite popular community of app and game Mods developers. They offer Premium mods of tons of popular apps and games. You need to be a user in order to access download links.

9. HappyMods

HappyMods is not a community of developers but they aggregate Mods created by other developers and distribute on their own website. They do not use any third party hosting for application so you don’t need to worry about inactive links. Checkout HappyMods for Apps and Game Mods for Android.

Thanks for reading. If you have any doubts then please ask in comment sections. Feedback is always welcomed.

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