Microsoft partnership with Amazon for Android app support, not a wise move

Enjoyed the event? Microsoft surely surprised us with the announcement of Android apps support for Windows 11. I never even imagined that they can add Android apps support to Windows 11. It was quite surprising for everyone. However, Microsoft announced Android Apps support for Windows 11 and explained technical information about it.

Microsoft announced Android apps support for Windows 11 users. It will be powered with Intel Bridge technology. However, Microsoft hasn’t revealed that if there’s any requirement for specific hardware.

Android Apps on Windows 11

Android app support for Windows 11 is possible with the partnership with the Amazon App store. However, it’s not a wise move by Microsoft. We all know that Google Play Store has the biggest library of Android apps. Windows 11 is also not going to add Google Play Services for these Android apps.

The lack of Android apps on the Amazon app store and Google Play Services will ruin the experience of Windows 11 users willing to try Android apps. It will be better if Microsoft partnered with Google for Google Play Store and Google Play Services support.

We wish that Microsoft may add Google Play Services support to Windows 11 in the future.

This is a developing story…

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