Microsoft Office added Voice Capture feature on Android

Microsoft develops a lot of apps for the Android platform. Microsoft Office is one of the most useful apps developed by Microsoft for Android. They properly maintain these apps and regularly update them with new features.

Microsoft Office added Voice Capture feature on Android

In the latest release, Microsoft added a lot of new features to their Office app on Android. Voice Capture is one of the most significant features introduced in this newest update.

Microsoft introduced this new feature that lets you record voice and store it in the OneDrive cloud storage. You can also share the voice recording through a link generated after finishing the recording in the Microsoft Office app. While recording the audio, you can also enable the live transcription to show the live text of what you’re recording.

The new Voice feature allows you to Save the voice recording as a sticky note. It gives you an option “Save as note” that saves the transcription along with a OneDrive link in a Sticky note. The sticky note created from voice recording is a simple note that we can make in the Microsoft Office app. The Office app will use en-US by default for transcription, which you can change from Settings.

Along with the Voice note, Microsoft office introduced the following features in the latest update on Android.

New features of Microsoft Office for Android

Here are the features introduced in the latest update of Microsoft Office for Android:

Export recording transcripts to Notes in more than 20 languages

As discussed above, the audio recording can be transcripted to text notes(sticky notes), and the feature currently supports more than 20 languages.

Extract PDFs

Extract PDFs feature lets you extract essential information from a particular PDF so you can use that information in creating other PDFs.

Bookmark pages in PDFs

The bookmark feature is finally out for Microsoft Office users. It was one of the most demanded features by users. It lets you bookmark pages in PDFs so you can easily find them when needed. It becomes a handy feature when you need to open large bulky PDFs with tons of pages.

Rotate your PDFs

Now, you can rotate your PDFs in the Microsoft office app in the orientation of your choice. It lets you turn the PDF itself rather than spinning your screen.

Source: Office Insider Release Notes

Microsoft recently deprecated the support for native Office apps on Chrome OS. They recommended using web apps instead of native Android apps on Chromebooks.

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