Microsoft Launcher Bringing Back Feature to Delete Second Homescreen on Android

In the latest update, Microsoft willingly or unwillingly removed the option to delete the second home screen in their Launcher app. Many Microsoft Launcher users were concerned about this and were asking Microsoft about it in their community forum.

A user named KK Vinay Kumar asked in Microsoft community that his LG phone with Android 9. He asked that the option to delete the second home screen is missing in the Microsoft launcher app. He also shared a screen recording as proof of his claim.

Lately, Ann Yao 680 from Microsoft Tech Community confirmed this bug. He also assured us that they would be bringing back the feature to delete the second home screen on Android. You need to wait for the next update.

Microsoft Launcher is a feature-rich launcher app that comes with tons of features and a well-organized app drawer. It was previously knowns as Arrow Launcher, which was later renamed Microsoft Launcher.

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Elvira Jaimez

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