Microsoft Edge is more secure than Google Chrome: CyberRatings Report

Microsoft Edge was more of a meme than an actual browser. Everyone was making fun of Microsoft Edge until they switched to Chromium. Microsoft trying hard to improve the browser and they’re somewhat successful in doing that.

Microsoft Edge has improved a lot in the past few years and now ready to compete with Google Chrome. We all have seen a rapid increase in the market share of Microsoft Edge., a non-profit organization that evaluates the transparency reports about different software and products related to Cybersecurity. They recently published a comparison report that compared Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox to handle on basis of Malware and Phishing Protection.

Microsoft Edge is more secure than Google Chrome: CyberRatings Report

Microsoft Edge is the most secure browser as per the transparency report published by Google Chrome and Firefox are the runner-ups and lack the privacy and security protection that Microsoft Edge offers. conducted Phishing and Malware testing four times each day for 20 days, totaling 80 test runs. Measurements of protection against new threats, consistency of protection over time, and the overall effectiveness of browser security are included in the reports.

Microsoft Edge Phishing Protection Report
Microsoft Edge Phishing Protection Report
Microsoft Edge Malware Protection Report
Microsoft Edge Malware Protection Report

Highlights from the CyberRatings tests:

  1. Microsoft Edge is built on the same Chromium code as Google Chrome. Anti-Malware and Anti-Phishing reputation systems are examples of where they vary.
  2. Malware Protection: Microsoft Edge provides consumers with greater security than Google Chrome (86.3%) and Mozilla Firefox (81.8%) with a whopping 97.4% success rate.
  3. Phishing Protection: Microsoft Edge outperformed Google Chrome (84.6%) and Mozilla Firefox (83.2%) in terms of phishing prevention with a success rate of 92.3%.
  4. The test results were constant throughout the test with no service interruptions. tested the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Version 90.0.4430.212 – 91.0.4472.19
  • Microsoft Edge: Version 91.0.864.19 – 91.0.864.37
  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 88.0.1 – 88.0.1 Reports:

  1. Malware Protection Report: Download PDF
  2. Phishing Protection Report: Download PDF

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