Microsoft Edge for Android brings MSN Kids News and Revamped Settings

Microsoft Edge for Android is becoming popular and feature-rich with every update. They are improving their design and adding more features. The Latest Microsoft Canary update brings “MSN Kids News” currently available for users of the United States. They also revamped the design of the Microsoft Edge Settings page.

The Latest Microsoft Edge Canary 92.0.898.0 update has a lot of changes in design and features. Let’s have a look at the features and changes one by one.

MSN Kids News

Microsoft launched MSN Kids News in June 2019. As of now, It is only available to users in the United States. In 2018, Microsoft launched MSN Kids as a standalone website for Kids to read the news appropriate to their age and get the latest updates related to Science and Sports. In the early days, Microsoft partnered with prominent publishers like Popular Science, National Geographic, USA TODAY, etc.

MSN kids are now available in the Microsoft Edge browser for Android. It will serve the news curated by the MSN Kids editorial team in the news feed of Microsoft Edge.

We can enable MSN Kids in Microsoft Canary in the General > New tab settings. It will ask you to choose between MSN News or MSN Kids News. MSN Kids News is only available to the user from the United States.

MSN Kids News
MSN Kids News Settings
MSN Kids News
First look of MSN Kids News

Revamped Settings Layout

Microsoft changed the default Chromium layout of Microsoft Edge settings. They introduced a well-organized Settings layout in the latest Microsoft Edge Canary version for Android.

Microsoft Edge Settings now looks less cluttered and well-organized. They grouped settings in relevant sections and added icons to them. Like we have a Privacy and Security section for all the security settings in Microsoft Edge.

Revamped Microsoft Settings

Reading List option gone

The Reading List option was previously available in the Microsoft Edge menu. But a notice shows by clicking the Reading List option, “We’re sorry. Microsoft Edge no longer supports the Reading List.” They removed the Reading List button from the menu of Microsoft Edge Canary, and it will definitely make it to the stable release.

Edge Removed Reading List
Microsoft Edge Canary
Edge Removed Reading List
Microsoft Edge Stable

Microsoft Accounts Manager Layout Updated

Microsoft Edge Account Manager or Switcher layout is also changed. They changed the way Microsoft Account manager looks and removed the “Account Settings” option. They also added a Sign-Up link below the logged-in account which let you create a new Microsoft account.

In the latest update, the design of the Account Manager section is completely changed and now looks much better and modern than the previous one. Have a look at the new Account Manager and Switcher design:

Microsoft Edge Canary
Microsoft Edge Stable

Most Visited Sites and Page Layout Menu

Microsoft Edge Canary update also changed the layout of the Most Visited Sites section. The new layout features an add sites button that lets you add websites manually to the section of the Most Visited Sites. In the latest update, they also added rounded corners to the icons of the most visited sites.

In the Page Layout, the hamburger menu icon is changed to a toggle-like icon, which replaced the previously used Hamburger menu.

Few Minor Changes

In this latest Microsoft Edge Canary update, a few minor changes also happened, along with changes in the names of a few menu options. Here are the new names:

  • Microsoft Translator added a Preferred language order feature that lets you choose the Languages to translate in a sequence.
  • After closing all the tabs, a new tab won’t open automatically, and you’ll see a notice in the blank tabs section that says “No Open Tabs.”
  • Continue on PC is renamed to Send to Devices
  • Add to Screen is renamed to Add to Phone
  • Web Search is renamed to Search Web
  • Desktop Site is renamed to View Desktop Site
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