Microsoft Edge Dev introduces a big feature for PWAs

Microsoft has different release channels named Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. The Dev and Canary channels of Microsoft Edge get early access to upcoming features. Microsoft releases the early build of the upcoming Edge with news features in Dev and Canary channels for initial testing.

Microsoft Edge Dev version 93.0.957.0 is live for Android and other operating systems. You can get the Dev to build from Play Store. josh_bodner who is the community manager for Microsoft Edge posted the changelog of Microsoft Edge Dev 93.0.957.0.

Microsoft Edge Dev introduces a big feature for PWAs

According to the changelog, Microsoft Edge Dev 93.0.957.0 introduced a new feature related to PWAs. It will allow you to change the icons of PWAs or installed sites during installation. You can set a custom icon for your PWA app while installing it.

It will give users more control over the PWAs powered by Microsoft Edge. We may see more such options in the future that will eventually change the scene of PWAs and installed websites. It will be fun and interesting to watch in upcoming updates.


Microsoft Edge Community Manager josh_bodner also clarified that the Edge 92 version is coming soon with a stable update. Let’s see when it will be launched. No such date is specified in the post.

You can check the changelog of the latest build in the community post by josh_bodner Microsoft Edge’s Community Manager.

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