LinkedIn Website getting Dark Mode/Night Mode

Dark Mode is a must have feature for almost every app on the Internet. Recently GitHub introduced Dark mode in their platform and Docs section.

Following the craze of dark mode, Professional social media giant LinkedIn is also working on a similar feature. Today, we discovered that LinkedIn is working on dark mode feature in their website.

New UI update in LinkedIn will add Appearance settings in the popup under profile section. These appearance settings will add a new toggle option, that will enabled the dark mode.

Here’s my LinkedIn account, and how it will look after enabling the upcoming dark mode feature:

LinkedIn Website getting Dark Mode/Night Mode

It looks much better and can be helpful for the people working late night. Dark mode reduces the eye strain, so this is definitely gonna help.

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I hope LinkedIn launches this feature officially very soon. Which other app you wish to have Dark mode, let me know in the comments section below.

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