LawnChair released 11.0 Alpha 5 with new features and Android 12 compatibility

LawnChair is one of the most popular launcher for Android. It is an open-source launcher application for Android. Everyone was waiting for the new LawnChair launcher app.

Today, LawnChair released 11.0 alpha 5 with a ton of new features. They’ve also added Android 12 compatibility.

Yesterday, they announced that LawnChair will come with 4 new languages. These languages are:

  • Serbian Latin
  • Indonesian
  • Hindi
  • Bengali

In today’s release they’ve added many new features. Here are some of the features released in new alpha update.

What’s new in LawnChair 11.0 Alpha?

Let’s have a look at the new features introduced in LawnChair 11.0 alpha 5.

1. Hide Apps from App Drawer

LawnChair 11.0 Alpha 5 introduced a new feature that will allow you to hide apps from app drawer. You can hide apps from App drawer if you want to keep them private.

Many user requested feature from LawnChair. Now, LawnChair team added this feature that will allow you to turn off dock search bar. You can get rid of the Dock search bar if you want to.

3. Hide Homescreen feed

If you always wanted to hide homescreen feed. Now, you can do that in LawnChair. In the latest Alpha 5 release of LawnChair, they have added the feature to hide Homescreen feed.

If fuzzy search in LawnChair annoys you. You can now disable Fuzzy search in the latest 11.0 alpha 5 version of LawnChair.

Other Improvements

LawnChair also addressed some bugs and did some improvements to existing features. Here’s the changelog:

  • Introduces compatibility with Android 9, 10, and 12
  • Reworks Double-Tap to Sleep to use an accessibility service, which resolves the feature interfering with biometric unlock
  • Refines the Settings interface
  • Aligns the edges of the Dock search bar with the Dock icons
  • Addresses a problem where the tap effect of the default Dock search bar extended beyond the search bar’s bounds
  • Adds crowdsourced translations

LawnChair added 4 new languages in their latest release. If you want your language, you can contribute to LawnChair on Crowdin.

About LawnChair 11.0 Alpha 5

LawnChair 11.0 Alpha
LawnChair 11.0 Alpha 5
  • App Name: LawnChair
  • Version: 11.0 Alpha 5
  • Download App: APKMirror
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