LawnChair causing Boot Loop on Android 12 Beta

Android 12 is already in Beta and currently, beta testers are running the Android 12 Beta 2 version. It is only available to few devices and was shipped with Pixel devices first. Android 12 on Pixel devices uses Pixel launcher as their default launcher.

LawChair is a popular and powerful launcher app for Android devices. It is open source as well which makes it different than other launchers.

LawnChair causing Boot Loop on Android 12 Beta

Recently, many Android 12 users are reporting an issue with the LawnChair launcher. Some users reported that installing LawnChair on their Android 12 devices causing a Boot loop.

User reporting the issue in Telegram group of LawnChair Launcher

Today, LawnChair addressed the issue on Twitter with a solution. In a tweet, LawnChair said that the Pixel launcher on Android 12 devices is interfering with LawnChair result in a boot loop. LawnChair clarified that it is happening with the users using LawnChair v11 on Android 12 with Pixel launcher.

LawnChair asked users to uninstall the LawnChair v11 launcher app from Android 12 devices. After uninstalling the LawnChair launcher, you’ll need to clear data from Pixel Launcher too. It will fix the boot loop issue caused by LawnChair on your Android 12 device.

You can install any other version of the app that will work fine. The boot loop issue is happening with LawnChair v11 only.

LawnChair says that the issue is not from their side, it’s probably an issue from Google’s side. The boot loop issue is happening with LawnChair v11 only, other versions like LawnChair v11 ALPHA 5 are working fine with Pixel launchers.

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