Jio Gaming Console launch imminent, BIS Certification received

Jio Gaming Console coming to India. India is a huge smartphone market, almost every other smartphone manufacturer wants to enter India and do business. However, the country has very few to no gaming console companies. While in the United States, new gaming consoles are launched every year. Heck, even three to found times a year.

But, the gaming console scenario is not that popular in India. However, we may see a revolution very soon similar to the 4G smartphones. Reliance Jio, which is India’s biggest Telecom company is launching its own gaming console. It is most probably want to compete with Nintendo in the gaming console industry.

Jio Gaming Console launch imminent, BIS Certification received

According to a listing on the BIS Certification website, Jio Gaming Console is coming to India very soon. It is most probably launching soon as the annual summit of Reliance Jio is near. Jio Gaming Console is listed with model number JGC100 on the BIS certification website.

As you see, the Jio Gaming Console or JGC100 is certified from BIS on 29 June 2021. It clarifies that Reliance Jio will now enter the gaming console market with Jio Gaming Console or JGC100. They will most probably launch this gaming console at Annual General Meeting or AGM.

The JGC100 in the BIS certification website will most probably a short form for Jio Gaming Console. We are not sure, as it completely depends on Reliance Jio. But, according to speculation, it will be a Gaming console.

It is also expected that Jio Gaming Console will be a cheaper option as compared to Nintendo Switch and others. It is speculation while looking at the history of Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio is known for making good products and selling them at a very cheap price. It was a market disruptor when it launched Reliance Jio back in 2016.

However, experts say that India is not a good market for hand-held gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch as compared to the United States and European countries. Reliance Jio may face big issues at the time of launch, as the market is not ready for gaming consoles. Let’s see what the future has for Reliance Jio Gaming Console.

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  1. May be they should have first succeeded in adding value to e sports in minds of people because indians appreciate physical games. I think it’s not wrong move until Jio expects large number of sales for its initial products of this category.

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