How to Install Lazymux on Termux(Android)

In this article, we will be learning how to install Lazymux on Termux. It will a step-by-step tutorial which you can follow easily. It will help you to install and use LazyMux on Android devices.

What is LazyMux?

Lazymux is a powerful tool installer designed specifically for termux users that provides a large number of often used tools in termux and is simple to use. Lazymux installs any of the tools supplied by it with a single click and is frequently updated.

How to Install LazyMux on Termux?

How to Install LazyMux on Termux

LazyMux will help you to install powerful tools on Termux Android. You can follow these steps carefully to install LazyMux on Termux.

Time taken: 7 minutes

  1. Install git in Termux

    We will need Git to grab the GitHub repo files of LazyMux. You need to type pkg install python git to install both Python and Git on Termux. After installation, you’ll get a confirmation.

  2. Clone LazyMux Github Repository to Termux

    After installing the Git and Python on Termux. You can now use the features of Git. Type git clone and hit enter to clone the GitHub repository of LazyMux.

  3. Change the directory to the LazyMux folder

    After cloning the LazyMux repository from GitHub. Now, you need to change the directory to Lazymux. Type cd Lazymux to change the working directory to the Lazymux folder.

  4. Run the Python Script

    Finally, after changing the directory, you need to run the LazyMux python script. Type python and hit enter to run the script in Termux.

Note: The latest version of Python3 is required for the script to work. You can learn about Termux Commands that will help you to understand Termux in a better way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run Lazymux with Python2?

No. You cannot run Lazymux with Python2. You need to install the latest version of Python3 in order to install and run Lazymux.

Can I use Lazymux on the Ubuntu machine?

Yes. You can use Lazymux on an Ubuntu machine. But you may get some errors as it is mainly developed for the Termux environment.

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