Instagram working on Safety Check and Encrypted Messaging

Instagram keep working on new features in the social media app for Android. We discover the hidden flags to activate the upcoming features and bring them to you through reverse engineering the BETA app.

In the recent findings, I discovered a few new features coming up to Instagram’s Android app. Let’s have a look at these upcoming features.

Instagram Safety Check

Instagram is working on a new security feature called Safety Check. In sidebar menu of Instagram, a new option “Safety Check” appeared.

Instagram Security Check

Navigating to the “Safety Check” option brings a page where you can set Two Factor Authentication, Filter out Bad comments, setup Who can message you and Who can tag you in Photos, as you can see in screenshot below.

Security Check Instagram

Encrypted Messaging

Instagram is working on “Encrypted Messaging”, maybe as an inspiration from Signal. Instagram removed Video call from Encrypted Messaging, and only media option available is Photos. Here’s how Encrypted Messaging UI will look like:


Instagram Stories Bug

Instagram was receiving a lot of complaints of Instagram stories and posts getting deleted automatically. Instagram started investigating, found out that it was a bug, and fixed it real quick. After that they apologized to users and explained about the bug in a post by Instagram Comms on Twitter.

Note: All the features mentioned above are not available to end users, but they can be activated and confirmed by reverse engineering the latest APK file.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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