Instagram working on Audio Effects in Reels

Instagram offers a ton of effects and filters to tune up the images and videos. You can also design your own Instagram filter and share it for others to use it. Instagram Filters for images and videos are very similar to Snapchat filters. They were the inspiration behind the filters and stories feature on Instagram.

Instagram is investing heavily in their TikTok alternative feature named Instagram Reels. They have improved it a lot in the last couple of months. Instagram introduced a text-to-speech feature following the improvements to their TikTok alternative.

Instagram working on Audio Effects in Reels

Instagram is now planning to introduce Audio Effects in Reels. According to app researcher @insta_leaks, Instagram will soon introduce the Effects section in Audio controls. As per the screenshot shared, these Audio effects in Reels will have different names and icons. Audio effects in Reels will have a name and a relevant symbol to make it easier for users to recognize and use them.

Here’s a list of Audio Effects in Reels:

  • None
  • Helium
  • Giant
  • Inner Voice
  • Announcer
  • Robot


Instagram will manipulate and tweak the frequencies of your audio after recording a Reel. You will need to navigate to the Audio control option and then switch to the Effects section next to Audio Volume. After switching to Effects, you can choose any of the Audio effects in Reels and test them one by one.

It will be helpful for creators who create content for entertainment not for educational purposes. So, if you create Reels that fall under the entertainment category.

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