Instagram Upcoming Features: Search DMs, Story Drafts, Manage Interests and more

Instagram recently introduces many new features. In this article, we will look at some of Instagram upcoming features. These features are upcoming and discovered through reverse-engineering the Instagram app. We will have a look at these features one-by-one.

Instagram is planning to redesign tabs on Music Search. When you search for music to add in reels or stories, you get two options “For You” and Browse. Instagram is redesigning these two tabs and adding new looks. It looks much better in the redesigned version. Here’s the first look:

Instagram Upcoming Features

Search Instagram DMs

According to some leaks, Instagram is working on a message or DM search feature for Instagram users. We can say that they’ve taken inspiration from Twitter, Twitter recently introduced a search feature for Twitter DMs.

Search in Conversation - Instagram Upcoming Features

Manage Interests

Instagram reverse engineering discloses that they are working on a new option in the sidebar menu called Manage Interest. There’s no more information available regarding this feature. As per my assumptions, these options can be similar to the interest option we get while creating a new Reddit account. Possibly Instagram will suggest accounts or improve your timeline based on the Interests you select in the Manage Interest section. Here’s how it will look like in the Instagram app menu:

Manage Interests - Instagram Upcoming Features

Redesigned Stories UI

Instagram Stories are getting a new redesigned UI. In the latest redesigned UI, they revamped the creative and editing tools. It looks much better now, and less cluttered. Anyway, here’s the first look at the new redesigned stories UI:

Revamped Instagram Stories UI

Improved Search in Shop Tab

Instagram also improved the search section in Shop Tab. They are planning to remove the search icon and add a search bar in the Shop section. It looks better than the previous UI and will be shipped soon in a stable update for everyone. Here’s how it will look like in the upcoming updates:

Tag Products in Room

Instagram will soon allow you to tag products in a Live Instagram room. A new finding suggests that Instagram will add an option that says Tag products and allow you to tag products from Shop to Live Room. Here’s the first look:

Creator Onboarding in the Branded Content section

Instagram Branded Content section is used by people to do sponsorship and add Paid Partnership label and along with that, there are many other features. Instagram will be adding an additional option called “Creator Onboarding” in the Branded Content section. Creator Onboarding option features three headlines, “Get Discovered in Partner Searches”, “Stand Out to Preferred Partners”, and “Spot New Opportunities Easily”. It will basically facilitate the brand promotions and other paid partnerships easy for creators. Creator Onboarding is one of Instagram upcoming features. Here’s the first look:

New Color Palette

Instagram added a new color palette in the upcoming Instagram app. Instagram users will get more colors to choose from while using brushes in Instagram stories. Have a look at how this will look like:

Instagram Stories Draft

Now, Instagram is adding a new feature for Instagram story creators. Instagram will introduce a new feature called “Instagram Stories Draft”. It will allow you to save a story as a draft so you can continue working on it later and won’t lose anything. A new leak suggests that these stories’ drafts will expire in 7 days. Here’s the first look:

E2E Encrypted Chats

As we previously covered that Instagram is working on encrypted chats, here’s a new update on this feature. Instagram will allow users to compare their encryption keys similar to what we get in WhatsApp end-to-end encryption. Here’s the first look:

Settings and Security in Rooms

Instagram is also working on adding Settings and Security section in Rooms. It can be accessed with the gear icon given in front of the Instagram room name. It is another Instagram Upcoming Features. Here’s how it looks like:

Instagram Upcoming features

Credits: These features are discovered by @alex193a and @insta_leaks

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