Instagram working on Text-to-Speech feature for Reels

We recently spotted that Instagram working on bringing Instagram Reels to their website. In the same article, we disclosed that Instagram is also working on adding time to disappear in the Instagram stories section. This time Instagram is working on a Text-to-Speech feature for Reels. It will be coming in the upcoming updates.

Instagram planning to integrate the Text-to-Speech feature for Reels. The Text-to-speech feature for Reels will be available as an option while creating Reels. It will let you write something on the Reels, and it will be converted to Audio.

Instagram working on Text-to-Speech feature for Reels

Screenshot Shared by @insta_leaks on Twitter

According to the screenshot shared by @insta_leaks, the Text-to-Speech feature is optional. If you write something, you’ll see a black dot with the three-dot menu. If you tap on the menu icon, you’ll have two options, “Turn on Text-to-Speech” and Delete.

It is currently under development, and we may or may not get it in the upcoming updates in the Instagram app. Instagram also continues to work on the “Safety Check” feature, but they renamed it Public Event Settings. However, the options in the feature are still the same.

Along with the Text-to-Speech feature for Reels, Instagram also redesigning the External Share menu on the Instagram official app. It now looks much better and less cluttered on the Android app. It was also shared by @insta_leaks on their Twitter account. I hope they ship it very soon.

Note: We and Tippers used reverse-engineering to discover all the above-mentioned features in the latest Instagram app. They are in development mode right now and not available to the public. Instagram may or may not ship these features in upcoming updates, we are not responsible for that.

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