Instagram Reels coming to their website

Instagram is working on a lot of new features recently and we’ve covered most of them for you. They introduced the creator category, pronouns, images, and videos in comments. They are working on the security feature called “Safety Check” which is similar to Google’s Security check.

They recently introduced a new way of receiving the 2FA code. You can receive the 2FA code on WhatsApp for Android, so that’s pretty cool.

Instagram Reels coming to their website

Today, I spotted that Instagram Reels coming to their website. So, now you can enjoy Instagram reels on your desktop with your browser. It’s under development right now, not released for the public. Here’s how it will look.

Instagram Reels coming to their website

As you can see, the Instagram reels icon is showing in the top navigation of the Instagram website. It is clear that Instagram Reels coming to their website very soon. I am pretty excited about this new feature.

As of now, the feature is not available for the public and when we click on this icon we see a warning “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”. Probably because the feature is in development mode, Instagram hasn’t allowed yet to access Instagram reels on their website. Here’s the screenshot:

Instagram Reels coming to their website

Instagram may launch this feature in the future, but there’s no official information on this feature.

Instagram Stories showing how much time left

Instagram is working on a new feature that will show how much time is left before the Story disappears. I am not sure if this feature is optional or enabled by default. Here’s a screenshot of the first look at this feature.

Instagram showing Time left to disappear a story

As you can see in the screenshot, the Instagram stories section is showing the time left in disappearing these stories. Instagram stories will keep switching between the time and username of the person who posted the stories.

Note: All of these features are discovered by reverse-engineering the latest Instagram beta app. They are in development mode right now and not available to the public. Instagram may or may not ship these features in upcoming updates, we are not responsible for that.

I hope you guys found this leak about Instagram Reels coming to their website interesting. If you do then share it on social media and tag us @droidmaze on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news and updates regarding Android.

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