Instagram plans to send 2FA code to WhatsApp and improved Rooms

Instagram has been working on Audio rooms from a long time. They have recently introduced a lot of new features. Following the popularity and hype of Clubhouse, an audio only social media app, everyone wants to jump into this audio only concept. We’ve seen Facebook Audio Rooms, Twitter spaces, Telegram voice chats and even LinkedIn is reportedly working on Live Audio rooms.

Instagram 2FA with WhatsApp

Instagram is working on a new feature that will allow you to integrate Facebook owned WhatsApp with Instagram. In a new finding by Alessandro Paluzzi, he discovered that Instagram is working to receive the Two-Factor Authentication code on WhatsApp.

He shared a screenshot where we can clearly see that Instagram added “WhatsApp” as an option “How You Get Authentication Codes” section of Two-Factor Authentication. As per the screenshot, the WhatsApp feature can only be enabled when the SMS authentication is already enabled.

Instagram plans to send 2FA code to WhatsApp and improved Rooms

I think Instagram is planning to send the Two Factor Authentication code to both SMS and WhatsApp to improve the user experience. If a user is not able to access their phone, they can use WhatsApp to authenticate the Two factor Authentication page.

Instagram plans to send 2FA code to WhatsApp and improved Rooms

It will ask for your Phone Number and then the phone number will be used to verify that you have a WhatsApp account or not. There are many websites and application who use WhatsApp to send their OTPs and other notifications with WhatsApp business.

Instagram Room Settings and Chat Themes

Instagram is also planning to introduce Room settings, as app researcher that goes by the username @instaleaks, shared a screenshot on Twitter showing that Instagram is working to introduce a Settings button in Rooms section. We’re not sure what settings options this settings page will have.

Instagram plans to send 2FA code to WhatsApp

Instagram also working on two new Chat Themes named as Ocean and Fast Saga. These themes along with their screenshots are shared on Twitter by @instaleaks.

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