How to view EPS file on Android

Have you received an EPS file from your friend but you don’t have a computer? No need to worry. EPS files can be opened and viewed in your own Android phone.

In this article, I will help you to open and view EPS file on Android phone. You can just follow the step by step tutorial to open and view EPS File on Android.

But before we move on to the tutorial, let’s understand what is EPS(Encapsulated PostScript) file.

What is EPS File?

As we mentioned above, EPS is the acronym for Encapsulated PostScript. Adobe created this standard graphics file format in 1992 for inserting images and images within a PostScript document. In short, it is a PostScript program saved as a file. It also includes preview of low resolution graphics.

These low-resolution previews are accessible with programs that cannot edit scripts inside. Publishers use this file extensively because it is compatible with various operating systems.

How to view EPS file on Android?

To view EPS file on Android, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Get the EPS File on Android phone
  2. Download and Install EPS File Viewer
  3. Install the EPS File Viewer APK
  4. Go to Files section and hit Refresh
  5. Now open the listed EPS files
View EPS File on Android Phone
EPS Viewer

Note: EPS Files can only be viewed in Android phones. If you want to edit the EPS file, you need to grab a PC and fire up the relevant Adobe software.

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