How to use WebNotes Stylize on Chrome for Android

Google added a new feature named WebNotes Stylize on Chrome Canary and Beta. It was first spotted by Chrome Story in Canary and later on, we found it in the Chrome Beta version for Android.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to use WebNotes Stylize on Chrome for Android. So, you can discover the feature and use it for your benefit.

How to use WebNotes Stylize on Chrome for Android

To use WebNotes Stylize on Chrome for Android, follow these steps:

  1. Install Chrome Canary or Beta on Android: You need to have Google Chrome Beta or Canary version on your Android smartphone. It will allow you to use the WebNotes Stylize feature on Chrome for Android.
  2. Enable #webnotes-stylize Chrome flag: Launch Chrome Canary or Beta and open chrome://flags. In chrome://flags you need to search for #webnotes-stylize and enable the flag. After enabling the flag, please relaunch the browser for the flag to work. How to use WebNotes Stylize on Chrome for Android
  3. Open a Website or Article: To test or use WebNotes stylize on Chrome for Android, open a website or article.
  4. Select Text and Share: In the article or website, you need to select some text and then click on the share button in the context menu.How to use WebNotes Stylize on Chrome for Android
  5. Choose Stylize Text: In the share options, you need to choose Stylize Text option. It will stylize the text snippet for sharing.How to use WebNotes Stylize on Chrome for Android
  6. Choose Template and Share: In Stylize Text section, you’ll get options to choose a background color. At last tap on Next and then share the snippet.How to use WebNotes Stylize on Chrome for Android

You can Share the generated image or save it to your gallery or local storage. It is a pretty handy feature that almost revolutionized text snippet sharing. There are many third-party apps for this purpose, but have an inbuilt feature is great.

We hope that Chrome ships this feature in a stable version very soon. As of now, the feature is under development and not fully functional. So, you may face some issues while using it. We guess that all the issues will be fixed when it will be available in the stable update.

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