How to use Wacom with Android Phone

Wacom was one of the first drawing tablet that I purchased with my savings. I was very excited on the day it was delivered to me. I immediately opened the package and used it to draw my favourite cartoon Doraemon(Nobito) on my desktop.

That was all about my first Wacom Drawing Tablet. But if you want to connect and use Wacom tablet with your Android device then just follow along with me in this tutorial.


Here’s what you need to have in order to use Wacom with Android:

1. A Wacom Tab

Wacom One Drawing Tablet

2. Android Phone/Device

Realme 5 Android Smartphone

3. OTG Cable

OTG Cable

4. USB Cable

USB Cable

5. Wacom Pen

How to use Wacom with Android Phone

To use Wacom with Android Phone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Buy and Unbox Wacom Tab

Of course you need to buy Wacom tablet first. You can buy it from your nearest store or online.

use Wacom with Android

Step 2: Connect Wacom Tab with USB cable

You’ll get a USB cable with your Wacom tablet, you need to first connect with your WACOM tablet.

Connected USB and OTG

Step 3: Connect USB cable to OTG cable

After connecting the USB cable with Wacom One tablet, you need to connect OTG Cable to your USB Cable.

Step 4: Connect OTG Cable to Android Phone

After connecting OTG cable with USB cable, you need to connect OTG cable to Android phone.

Step 5: Go to Settings>More Settings and Turn on OTG connection

After connecting all the USB and OTG cables to Wacom One Drawing Tablet. You need to go to Settings > More Settings, and then Turn on OTG connection.

Step 6: Pick Wacom Pen and start drawing

After allowing OTG connection you need to use Wacom Pen to start using Wacom Drawing Tablet with your Android Phone.

use Wacom with Android

Android Apps to Draw using Wacom

Here’s a list of Android Apps to Draw using your Wacom Drawing Tablet:

  1. Draw by Simple Mobile Tools
  2. SketchBook
  3. Sketchpad
  4. Adobe Illustrator Draw
  5. PicsArt Color

Any questions about methods to use Wacom with Android? Ask in comments section below. I would love to answer your queries. Thanks for reading.

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  1. you can hook up bamboos and intuos (old ones like intuos 3 even) to android phones… the aspect ratio will be off though. but if your phone supports desktopmode/dex then hook your phone up to a screen and hook up your old wacom and draw.. penpressure works

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