How to use Voice Chats in Telegram: 5 Simple Steps

Telegram released the last update of 2020 and surprised users with many new features. Voice Chats in Telegram groups is one of the useful features that came with this new Telegram Update. It works very similar to Voice Channels on Discord.

What else came in the latest update?

  • Sticker Outlines: Telegram developers understand how often people use Telegram stickers, adding a feature called Sticker Outline. When someone sends you a sticker, you will see a shadow of the sticker before it even loads.
  • SD Card Storage: Now, you can store your Telegram files on an SD card rather than using Internal Storage, a good feature for phones with less storage.
  • New UI Animations: Telegram added some cool UI animations that improve the Telegram App’s overall look.
  • Photo and Video Editing: Telegram added an awesome feature for the people who like to add some tweaks to their photos while sending, so they added a Photo and Video editing tool within the app, which you can use to edit and send immediately to chats.
  • Feature suggestion Platform: It is like the issues tab we see on GitHub; you can report bugs or give suggestions using this new Feature suggestion platform.
  • More Animated Emojis: Telegram added more animated emoji’s in the App. so you can enjoy chatting with your friends.

Source: Telegram Blog

What is Voice Chats in Telegram?

Voice Chats is a feature added in the Telegram group, which is very similar to the Voice channel feature in apps like Discord. You can start a Voice chat in the Telegram group, and anyone can join and leave it without disturbing others. You can join the voice chats muted and listen to the discussion. It is a beneficial feature for larger groups to participate in discussions.

In Voice Chats, you can see who is speaking because when someone speaks in the Voice chat, their profile icon blinks with a circle that shows that they speak in the voice chat.

While using Voice Chat you can use the app freely and not even app but can use your phone without disconnecting from the voice chats. It also come with Push to Talk which is very helpful to avoid noise and only talk when you want to.

What is the Limit of Participants in Telegram Voice Chats?

According to Telegram, the voice chats in Telegram groups can handle more than a few thousand peoples. I think it is more than enough for us.

How to use Voice Chats in Telegram?

Using Voice chats in Telegram Groups is very very easy. Follow the simple steps given below to Enable and use Voice chats in Telegram groups:

Step 1: Create a Telegram Group

First of all, you need a Telegram Group to use Voice Chats in Telegram, so if you don’t have to create a Telegram Group. You can create Public or Private Groups.

use Voice Chats in Telegram

Step 2: Click on Telegram Group icon

After you create a Telegram Group you need to click on Telegram Group icon to go on the following section.

use Voice Chats in Telegram

Step 3: Click on (⋮) three dot icon

On the above section click on the (⋮) three dot menu icon to open the Group menu.

use Voice Chats in Telegram

Step 4: Click on Start Voice Chat option

Now, click on Start voice chat option from the given options in the menu.

use Voice Chats in Telegram

Step 5: Click on START to confirm to Start Voice Chats

Once you click on Start Voice Chat, it will ask you for confirmation. You need to click on START to start the voice chats option.

use Voice Chats in Telegram

Now, the Voice Chats are enabled in your Group. Enjoy.

How to End or Disable Voice Chats in Group?

Step 1: Click on (⋮) three dot icon

use Voice Chats in Telegram

Step 2: Click on End Voice Chat option

use Voice Chats in Telegram

Step 3: Click on END to confirm that you’re closing voice chat

use Voice Chats in Telegram


How to use Push to Talk on Telegram for Android?

You can use Push to Talk directly from voice chat. Just mute yourself, and you want to use Push to Talk, tap and hold the muted mic and start talking. Once you’re done just leave it.

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