How to use uBlock Origin on Android

Web is now full of trackers that tracks your each and every activity on the internet to show you those shitty ads and make profit. However, advertisements are the only ways for publishers to make money and cover up the sever costs for the websites.

After getting annoyed with all this tracking and advertisements, one guy named Raymond Hill, released a tool called uBlock Origin.

What is uBlock Origin?

uBlock Origin is a free-open source tool and browser extension that blocks content, trackers and advertisements based on community-maintained block lists. It was founded by Raymond Hill in 2014. Its source code is available on GitHub.

How to use uBlock Origin on Android?

uBlock Origin is not available on Google Chrome for Android, as it doesn’t have extension support on the browser.

However, the Firefox for Android(or Fenix) recently added the support for uBlock Origin on Android. Let’s follow the steps below to use uBlock Origin on Android.

Step #1: Install Firefox for Android(Fenix) from Play Store

Open Play Store on your Android Phone and search for Firefox and install the Firefox browser on your Android Phone.

Installing Firefox - use uBlock Origin on Android

Step #2: Open Firefox for Android App

Firefox for Android App is now installed on your smartphone. Now open the Firefox browser app on your smartphone either from play store or from App Docker.

use uBlock Origin on Android

Step #3: Navigate to Addons in Firefox for Android

Inside Firefox for Android App, you’ll need to open the menu and then click on Add-ons option just to reach Add-ons.

use uBlock Origin on Android

Step #4: Install uBlock Origin from list of Addons

In the list of Addons, click on the add button beside uBlock Origin to install it in Firefox for Android.

use uBlock Origin on Android

Step #5: Use uBlock Origin from list of Addons

Now, the uBlock Origin addon will continue to block ads and trackers in your Firefox browser for Android. You can use uBlock Origin from list of Addons to enable additional filters.

use uBlock Origin on Android

If you have any doubts, then ask in comments section below, I will try to answer it ASAP.

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