How to use Anilist on Android

Anilist is a watchlist making webapp similar to IMDB for Anime. It is very popular among Anime viewers and Manga readers. You can make your watchlist, mark the Anime’s as Watched, Planning, Watching etc. Anilist offers you a personal profile where you can share your watchlist, follow other users and lot of other things.

Anilist is a web app but due to API support, it can also be used by Android users through third party apps. We prepared a list of these apps that can help you to use Anilist from Android and manage your watchlist on the go.

How to Use Anilist on Android

If you want to use Anilist on Android, then it’s web app can be used from any browser. But, if you want a proper solution then you can use these Best Anilist Apps.

1. AL-chan

AL-chan is an Anilist app with elegant UI and Categorically organized. It comes with a lot of features that makes it the best Anilist app to use on Android. It makes it easy to keep track of your Anime watching progress and update your Anilist profile on the go.

2. AniLib

AniLib is another awesome Anilist android apps with elegant UI. To start using, you need to login to Anilist and authorise access to this app. AniLib offers a discover feature where you can explore Trending, Upcoming Mangas and Animes. Your Manga and Anime list will be separated.

3. AniDroid

AniDroid is a very minimalist Anilist app with material design that gives a decent look to the app. Easy to use and manage your Anime and Manga list. AniDroid comes with a very unique feature called Torrent Search, which help you to search Nyaasi library of Anime torrents. AniDroid supports different color themes for a customized experience.

4. AniTrend

AniTrend is a decent android application to manage your Anime list on Anilist. I love it’s What’s Trending section that shows trending stuff in whole Anime community. You can also manage Anime and Manga. Read trending reviews in Review section.

5. oujo for Anilist

oujo is the simplest android app for managing your Anime and Manga list on Anilist. It offers a very simple UI with two themes dark and light. You can change score unit in Settings. Search option is available to find and add to watchlist.

Anilist web app is the best if you want a safe and secure method but there are some features doesn’t work on web app for mobile. Feature like changing your episode number is not available on mobile site. You can achieve these features by using these mobile apps. Thanks for reading.

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