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  1. I tried it 3 times and no response 3 days crossed and iam sure that i didn’t post any unauthorised or copyright content

    1. Telegram doesn’t have support staff. All of the team members are just volunteers. So, it may take some more time, but you will surely get a positive response.

  2. Hey team telegramm
    my telegramm number is banned
    i.need your help please !
    it´s very important to me this number
    [REDACTED] .please Help me
    Thank you
    [REDACTED] from madagascar

  3. Thanks for great article..
    My main number was aslo banned..I almost did 47 email..after watching YouTube..
    And within 24 hours I got my account back with all the data ..
    I didn’t get any email..but I came to know..
    Jst ..like my number was looking like deleted account..but when I saw afterwards..
    It got its name and all data was recovered

  4. Hey dear! please!i am asking for your help my telegramm number is baned i do not know what can i do
    plz!give me your help to back my number
    here is my.number baned [REDACTED]
    I will not do it again
    i am.sorry for my mistake
    This number is my principal number and usefull for me
    Plz! let me have your help.dear
    Thank you

  5. Hi sir & madam,

    My Telegram account Banned,
    I’m tried at 8 times and no response 5 days crossed,
    No reply reports why …?
    Please Unbanned my account.

    1. Telegram is not a big corporate, they work with limited team members, and most of the members in the support team work as volunteers.