How to Unban ShareChat account?

Have your ShareChat account got banned? Well no need to worry, you can unban ShareChat account after reading this guide thoroughly. Follow the method share here to get back your account and start using ShareChat again.

About ShareChat

ShareChat is a popular social media website in Indian subcontinent. It comes with the support of all regional languages of India. They are owned by MohallaTech, the same company that developed TikTok alternative called Moj. ShareChat is quite popular in the rural parts of India because of its support or regional languages and variety of content shared on the platform. However, it is not used by most of the people in urban India.

ShareChat was launched in October, 2015. Dr. Pawan Munjal of Hero MotoCorp, Ajay Shridhar Shriram of DCM Shriram, Twitter, SAIF Partners, Lightspeed Ventures, and India Quotient invested $40 million in ShareChat in September 2020. By April 2021, ShareChat had raised $500 million in funding and had a market capitalisation of over $2 billion.

Why ShareChat account got banned?

ShareChat is a public platform with some rules and regulations that users need to follow. If you break some rules that are not in favour of their terms of service then ShareChat may terminate or ban your account. If you believe you didn’t do anything that led to the account ban. You can follow this guide to unban ShareChat account.

unban ShareChat account

Steps to Unban ShareChat account

Follow these steps to unban ShareChat account:

  1. Open your Email app: You need to open the email app that you use like Gmail or Outlook.
  2. Write an email to ShareChat: You need to write an email to the ShareChat support related to your account ban so, they can help you to unban ShareChat account that belong to you. You can use the following format.Dear ShareChat,I am Abhishek Verma, a user of ShareChat with the username (@yourusername). Today, I found that my account has been suspended. I believe that the ban on my account is a mistake, kindly consider reviewing it again and unban my account if possible.

    Abhishek Verma

  3. Send email to [email protected]: After writing the email in above format, you can send it to the [email protected] email address.
  4. Wait for their response: After sending the email, you need to wait for sometime as they get a lot of emails a day so, it may take some time to respond.
  5. Unban ShareChat account: After reviewing your request, they will probably unban ShareChat account belong to you.
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Note: If Sharechat account ban is temporary, you’ll automatically get the account back in 7-10 days. But, if it takes longer you need to follow our method of sending email with your request.

After following these steps, you should unban ShareChat account and start using the app like before. I hope you found this article helpful, please share it on social media and public forums like Reddit. You can also share new features and updates through email at [email protected]

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  2. Note: If Sharechat account ban is temporary, you’ll automatically get the account back in 7-10 days. But, if it takes longer you need to follow our method of sending email with your request.

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