How to Turn Off Translation in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android offers to translate web pages in more than 100 languages. It is a very handy feature that helps users to read web content in their native language.

It was initially available to Chrome for Desktop users where they were able to translate the webpage in other. You just need to right click on the webpage and then choose Translate to… option from the context menu.

In Chrome for Android, this option get triggered if you visit a page different from your device language. It automatically translates whole page in your device language.

In this article, I will show you how you can turn off translation in Chrome for Android. So, now you won’t get annoyed when visiting a webpage in different language.

How to Turn Off Translation in Chrome for Android

To turn off Translation in Chrome for Android, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome for Android

First things first—You need to launch the Chrome for Android app in order to proceed to turn off Translation in Chrome for Android. To launch Chrome for Android app, open App drawer and tap on the Chrome icon.

Step 2: Navigate to Chrome for Android Settings

After launching Chrome for Android app, you need to tap on the three dot menu and then click Settings option to open Chrome for Android settings. Now Chrome settings will be opened.

Three dot menu > Settings

Step 3: Navigate to Advanced Settings > Languages

In Chrome settings you need to search for an option “Languages” under Advanced Settings which opens Languages and Translation settings for Chrome for Android app.

Advanced Settings > Languages

Step 4: Turn off Translation Toggle

In Languages settings, remove languages other than your device language. After removing other languages, just turn off the toggle that says “Offer to translate pages in other languages”. It will turn off Translation in Chrome for Android.

If you want to remove Translate option from context menu of Chrome for Android. You need to turn it off from the Google Translate Android app or you can just uninstall the Google Translate app to remove it.

I personally get annoyed when Translate option come up in the context menu of my Chrome for Android browser. That’s why I stopped using Google Translate app.

All the translation features are already available in Google app itself so why I am going to install an additional app just for Translation. We can use voice translation, and scan-translate with Google lens.

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