How to Stop Reddit Videos Autoplay on Android?

Reddit is my favourite social media platform. It is the go to place for all news and updates related to technology. We all can share our content in form of images, videos, links and polls. I love sharing memes and other content on the subreddits.

However, I feel the autoplay videos feature is really annoying for me. While i am scrolling through my Reddit feed sometime annoying videos start playing automatically which ruin the whole experience.

It also affect your data usage and ruin overall experience. Due to autoplay videos they start loading and playing videos even when you don’t want to watch them which is completely wastage of your mobile data.

How to Stop Reddit Videos Autoplay on  Android?

To stop Reddit videos autoplay, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Sidebar Menu in Reddit App

Launch Reddit app on Android and open the sidebar menu by clicking the profile icon in top-left.

Stop Autoplay Reddit

Step 2: Open Settings on Reddit for Android

You need to click on Settings option in Reddit app sidebar to open Reddit Settings

Disable Autoplay Reddit App

Step 3: Click on Autoplay option in Settings

In settings, click on Autoplay option under “View Options” section

How to Stop Reddit Videos Autoplay on Android?

Step 4: Choose Never in Autoplay settings

Now choose Never from the Autoplay options in Settings

Step 5: Browse Reddit with no Autoplay videos

Now, you can continue browing Reddit with no Autoplaying videos and distractions.

How to Stop Reddit Videos Autoplay on Android?

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