How to Save/Export Messages to PDF on Android

In the new era of instant messaging and social media, some people still stick to the old school SMS Messages. If you’re someone using SMS to communicate in this new world, you’re welcome.

In this article, I will share methods to share/export SMS messages to PDF on Android. But before we continue to the steps, let’s understand why you may need to Export SMS messages into PDF.

Why you need to Export SMS Messages to PDF on Android?

Here are some of the possible reasons to export or save SMS messages to PDF on Android:

  • Backup: Well there are a lot of SMS backup apps available. But maybe you still want to save or export SMS messages to PDF for some unknown reasons.
  • Document: Sometimes if you’re working on some project and at that time you may need you submit  your SMS messaging history in the document.
  • Legal: One of the major reason for saving or exporting SMS messages is Legal issues. If you need to file a court case against someone, you may need to provide SMS messages but in document. Best way is to export/save SMS messages to PDF.

I hope reasons are clear now. Let’s move on to the steps.

Steps to Save/Export SMS Messages to PDF in Android

To save/export SMS Messages to PDF, follow these steps:

1. Install SMS Backup app by GilApps: You need to install the app called SMS Backup hy GilApps from Play Store.

Save/Export Messages to PDF on Android

2. Launch SMS Backup app and Grant Permissions: After installing the SMS backup app, you need open the app and grant all the permissions to the SMS app.

3. Choose a Chat and Select messages: In the SMS backup app, you need to choose a Chat and then select all to save/export SMS messages to PDF in Android. You can choose one by one or select all.

Save/Export Messages to PDF on Android

Save/Export Messages to PDF on Android

4. Tap Backup and Choose PDF option: After selecting all the messages, you need to tap on Backup. After that, choose PDF option from all the backup options.

Save/Export Messages to PDF on Android

5. PDF exported and can be shared: After choosing Backup options, the SMS messages will be saved to SMS Backup folder. You need to open the SMS Backup folder to share the generated PDFs.

Save/Export Messages to PDF on Android

Additional Tip: You can also export WhatsApp messages using this method. SMS Backup app also supports WhatsApp backup.

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