How to Save Canva as PDF on Android

Canva is a powerful tool for designing work like Posters, Instagram posts etc. We personally use it to create the cool featured images you see in our blog posts. Canva have their own app for Android users like you that supports most of the Canva features we get on Desktop.

In this article, we are going to share a method to save Canva as PDF on Android. So, follow the steps shared in tutorial and download or save Canva as PDF on your Android devices.

How to Save Canva as PDF on Android

To save Canva as PDF on Android, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Install and Open Canva App on Android

First of all, Install and Open Canva app on your Android Device. You can Install the App from Play Store.

Save Canva as PDF on Android - 1

Step 2: Create or Open Exisiting Canva Project

You need to either create or open existing Canva project in your Canva Android app.

Save Canva as PDF on Android

Step 3: Click on Export Option

In Canva project page, you’ll get an option to Export the project in top-right corner. It helps you to export your project, click on that.

Export Canva as PDF on Android

Step 4: Choose Save As PDF

In export section, you’ll need to click “Save As” and then choose PDF in the File Type section.

Save Canva as PDF on Android

Save Canva as PDF on Android

Step 5: Select pages and Save Canva as PDF

Now, in the Save as PDF section, you’ll need to choose the pages you want to include in PDF file, by default Canva includes all pages. After you choose pages, click “Download” to save Canva as PDF.

Save Canva as PDF on Android

After clicking the Download button, it will save Canva as PDF on Android device. You can access the PDF file in Canva folder in your internal storage.

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