How to Remove News Feed from Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is one of the premium launchers available for Android smartphones. It is one of the most popular app developed by Microsoft for Android platform.

Microsoft Launcher must be used by people with a Windows Laptop or PC. It helps you to keep your things synced and organized. All you need to do is login the same Microsoft account in launcher which you use in PC or Laptop.

In this article, we will be looking at a method to remove news feed from Microsoft Launcher. If you love minimalism and News section distracts you or something else then you can remove news section by following this article.

How to remove News Feed from Microsoft Launcher?

To remove news feed from Microsoft Launcher, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Your Feed section

Swipe left on your home screen in Microsoft Launcher and navigate to Your Feed section where you’ll see all your notes, tasks and daily planner.

How to Remove News Feed from Microsoft Launcher

Step 2: Tap on gear icon to open settings

To open Your Feed settings, you need to tap on gear icon. It will show you all the settings of Your Feed section. It doesn’t open system settings but only Your Feed settings.

How to Remove News Feed from Microsoft Launcher

Step 3: Remove News Feed from Your Feed Section

After opening Your Feed settings click on news to uncheck the box, that will remove the News Feed from Your Feed section.

How to Remove News Feed from Microsoft Launcher

Now you can access Your Feed section with no more distractions with news section. News feed can be enabled again by following the same tutorial.

To read daily news you can use these apps:

  1. Google News: It is a very popular Android app by Google that keeps you updated with every update around the world. It sorts the latest news according to your browsing behaviour.
  2. Twitter: Twitter’s tagline is “What’s happening” which is self explanatory. It keeps you updated with every happening locally and globally.
  3. Reddit: Reddit is another application to keep you updated with latest news and updates. You need to follow the relevant communities what they say sub-reddit to keep you updated.
  4. Microsoft News: Microsoft News is another news app for Android by Microsoft. It keeps you updated with the latest news.
  5. Inkl: Inkl is a subscription based news app, that brings you access to all the premium newsletters and magazines in United States.

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