How to Rejoin Telegram Group after Ban?

If you’re reading this article, most probably you’ve been banned from a Telegram group. You can rejoin Telegram group after ban, just follow the step in this guide.

In this article, I will be showing you the methods to rejoin Telegram group after ban.

Possible Reasons for Telegram group ban

Here are possible reasons for Telegram group ban:

  1. Spam Messages: You may have shared few messages that contains links and violated the group rules.
  2. Message Flooding: You may have started flooding the Telegram chat or group that caused the complete ban.
  3. Closed Community: The Telegram group can be a closed community where only selected people are allowed.

Rejoin Telegram Group after Ban

How to Rejoin Telegram Group after Ban?

To rejoin Telegram group after ban, follow these steps:

  1. Deactivate Account: You need to deactivate the Telegram account first. To deactivate navigate Telegram account deactivation page
  2. Enter Phone Number: On Telegram deactivation page, enter phone number connected to your Telegram account
  3. Verify and Delete Telegram Account: On the page, you need to enter the code you received in Telegram app. Give a reason and click to delete the Telegram account.
  4. Sign-up for new Telegram account: You need to sign up for new account in order to use Telegram again.
  5. Rejoin Telegram group after ban: Now, you can search for Telegram group and rejoin Telegram group after ban. You can either search or click private link to rejoin the group.

Note: Do no try to delete or deactivate Telegram account multiple times. Otherwise, Telegram will block sign-up from your mobile number. It is done to stop spam and improve security of Telegram users.

Following this tutorial you can rejoin Telegram group after ban. Please do not spam in Telegram groups and behave politely.

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