How to Open MOBI Files on Android: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Are you looking for help to open MOBI files on Android? We got you covered. In this tutorial, I will be showing you the methods to open MOBI files on Android.

Android doesn’t have native support for MOBI files as it doesn’t come with any eBook reader. So, you may get an error like “Can’t open File” or “Unsupported File Format”.

What are MOBI files?

MOBI file is an eBook that has been stored in the MOBI format. It was developed by Amazon. MOBI format was first used by the Mobipocket Reader but is now supported by a variety of readers. It includes an eBook and may include DRM copyright protection to prevent illegal copying or viewing. eReaders, tablets, PDAs, and desktop computer programs all support MOBI files.

The MOBI format is at the primary format of Amazon’s new Kindle Format 8 (KF8). HTML5 and CSS3 content, as well as embedded fonts, are all supported in KF8. Depending on the device used to download the eBook, KF8-formatted eBooks are stored and distributed as “.mobi” or “.AZW3” files. The KingleGen program from Amazon may be used to assemble KF8 books. Authentication is required before delivery.

How to Open MOBI Files on Android

Here’s the 5 step guide to open MOBI files on Android. You need to follow these steps carefully:

1. Download and Install Moon+ Reader on Android

Moon+ Reader is a free and powerful MOBI file reader. It will help you to open MOBI files on Android along with other files like PDF, ePUB, CBZ, etc. You can download and install Moon+ Reader from Play Store for free. However, the Moon+ Reader comes with ads also has a premium plan to remove these ads. If you hate ads, I would suggest installing the Lithium reader app instead.

Open MOBI Files on Android

2. Open the Moon+ Reader app and Navigate to My Files

Now, you’re done installing the Moon+ Reader app and it’s time to open the app. In the Moon+ Reader app, open the sidebar menu by tapping on the Hamburger menu icon. The Sidebar menu has multiple options and you need to click on the “My Files” option in the Moon+ Reader app. It will then as you to choose the sources of my files like Google Drive, DropBox, and Internal Storage.

Open MOBI Files on Android

3. Navigate to Folder contain MOBI files

In the My Files section, you’ll get a list of folders from your Internal Storage. You need to open the folder that contains the MOBI file to open Mobi files on Android. You can also choose Google Drive or Dropbox to access files remotely in the Moon+ Reader app.

Open MOBI Files on Android

4. Tap on MOBI file to open MOBI files on Android

Now you’re in the folder that contains the MOBI file you downloaded or saved. You can now tap on the MOBI file to open MOBI files on Android. It will show you the Book or document that was shared in MOBI format. You can customize the look and feel of the MOBI file reader.

Open MOBI Files on Android

Where to Find MOBI Files?

If you’re looking for a source to download and open MOBI Files on Android, here are some websites that can help.

  1. Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg hosts a huge library of free-to-read eBooks. The eBooks are available in different formats, you can just download the Kindle version. It will download the eBook in MOBI format and you can read it using the above method on your Android device.
  2. Open Library: Open Library is another project that offers a huge collection of free-to-read eBooks. You can download the eBooks in different formats and read them on your Android device. It is a project started by Internet Archive, which is famous for archiving the web and also offers the famous WaybackMachine tool.
  3. PDFDrive: PDFDrive is also a very popular website for downloading PDF files, but it also offers to download eBooks and documents in MOBI format. It is a free service supported by Ads, but if you hate ads you can go for their premium plans.
  4. Z-Library: Z-Library is another website that offers free-to-read books. But it comes under gray area as they distribute the eBooks which are not copyrighted to them. It is not recommended to grab eBooks from if not sure about the legality.
  5. Library Genesis: Library Genesis also a website similar to Z-Library. However, it doesn’t have a good user interface as we see in Z-Library. Library Genesis is also called Libgen. It comes under gray area so, you need to check your local laws before using it. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

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