How to Fix Snapchat Black Screen issue?

Are you facing the Snapchat Black Screen issue? Well, no need to worry about it. The Snapchat Black screen issue can be fixed easily with some changes and tweaks. You can get rid of the Snapchat Black screen issue very quickly.

In this article, we will share few methods to fix the Snapchat Black screen issue. You can try these methods with your Snapchat app, and we are sure that it will fix your Snapchat Black screen issue. So, let’s get into the tutorial and have a look at the methods one by one.

Fix Snapchat Black Screen issue

How to Fix Snapchat Black Screen issue?

To fix Snapchat Black Screen issue, follow these methods:

Method 1: Fix Snapchat Camera Permission

The Snapchat black screen issue can happen with misconfigured permission. It can be a result of Snapchat not having the necessary permissions including the mandatory camera permission. Changing the Camera permissions for Snapchat can quickly fix the issue. Here’s how to fix Snapchat Camera Permission:

  1. Navigate to Snapchat App info: To open Snapchat App info, long-press the Snapchat app icon and tap on the App info option from the tool-tip menu.
  2. Open Manage Permissions: Snapchat app info has a section called Manage permissions. You can open the Manage Permissions section to change the necessary permission.
  3. Turn on Camera Permission toggle: You need to turn on the camera permission toggle to fix Snapchat camera permission.

In most cases, changing the camera permission solves the issue. But, if in your case it doesn’t then please proceed with other methods.

Method 2: Clear Snapchat Data and Cache

If changing the camera permission doesn’t solve the issue. Try clearing the Snapchat data and cache. It may solve the issue. Most probably this method will solve the issue. Here’s how to clear Snapchat data and cache:

  1. Navigate to Snapchat App info: To open Snapchat App info, long-press the Snapchat app icon and tap on the App info option from the tool-tip menu.
  2. Open Storage usage. From the options in the Snapchat app info, you need to open the Storage usage section. This section shows you the storage usage of the Snapchat app.
  3. Clear Snapchat data and cache: After opening the Storage usage section, you can clear Snapchat data and cache using the respective options given in the section.

I hope to clear Snapchat data and cache solved the Snapchat black screen issue. If this method didn’t work, then you need to proceed to other methods.

Method 3: Reinstall Snapchat App

If the above methods don’t work. You can uninstall and reinstall the Snapchat app to solve the Snapchat black screen issue. It can probably solve the issue.

  1. Long Press on Snapchat App: You need to long press on Snapchat app icon to open the popup menus.
  2. Choose Uninstall Snapchat App: In the popup menu, choose Uninstall option to uninstall Snapchat app.
  3. Install Snapchat app from Play Store: You can search for Snapchat and install Snapchat app from Play Store.

After reinstalling a lot of users fixed the Snapchat black screen issue. If you still face the issue continue with the tutorial.

Method 4: Roll Back to Older version

If a latest version of Snapchat started causing Snapchat black screen issue. You can just install the older version of Snapchat app.

  1. Visit APKMirror: You need to visit APKMirror website on your favourite web browser.
  2. Search Snapchat: Search for Snapchat on APKMirror to find the Snapchat untouched APK.
  3. Download old Snapchat APK: You need to download the Snapchat APK from APKMirror website.
  4. Install Snapchat APK: You need to install the Snapchat old apk from APKMirror.

Most of the users get solved the snapchat black screen issue. If you still have issue and want to fix it. Most probably it’s a device issue. Let’s try fixing it.

Method 5: Factory Reset Your Device

As it seems to be a device issue, doing a factory reset is a wise option. I would suggest to do a factory reset to fix the issue

Take a proper backup of important files or whole phone backup before factory reset. After backup you can proceed with the factory reset.

Method 6: Go to Service Center

If any of the above methods didn’t fix your issue, it’s most probably a hardware issue. Call your phone company and book an appointment in nearest service center. The will look after the issue and fix the camera issue. If it’s damaged or driver issue, they’ll fix it real quick.

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