How to Extract Links from Webpage on Android

Extracting Links from Webpage on desktop is pretty easy, download extensions like Link Grabber and get the job done. However, we can’t install an extension to extract links from webpage on Android browsers. But there are some ways to extract links from webpage on any Android device which we are going to discuss.

Let’s discover some ways to extract links and URLs from webpages on Android.

Follow this step-by-step guide to extract links from Webpage on Android. Don’t miss out any step.

Extract Links from Webpage on Android

Step 1: Download and Install Webpage Link Extractor App

Webpage Link Extractor App is a very powerful android app for web scraping and link extracting from webpages. You can install this app from Play Store.

Extract Links from Webpage on Android

Step 2: Launch Webpage Link Extractor App

After installing Webpage Link Extractor App, you need to launch it from app drawer or directly from play store.

Extract Links from Webpage on Android
Extract Links from Webpage on Android

Step 3: Click Extract and Enter URL

After opening the Webpage Link Extractor App, you’ll be presented with an interface with two buttons at the bottom. Click Extract button and enter the URL of Webpage from which you want to extract the links and wait…

Step 4: Save the Extracted Links

After waiting for sometime the app will extract all the links from webpage and prepare a list of links. Now, you need to click the Save button to save the extracted links in your local storage.

Extract Links from Webpage on Android

Step 5: Navigate to File Manager > tmp folder

Once you hit the save button, your links will be saved in a txt file which will be stored in tmp folder by default. However, you can change the default output directory in the settings.


  • Size of Text file depends on the number of links found on a particular webpage
  • You can remove particular links from the collection using any online text tool

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