How to Export Notion as PDF on Android?

Notion is one of most important software that I use to manage my work and personal life. I use notion to plan content for our blogs, schedule meeting and plan my daily tasks.

As a student or a working professional, you can use Notion for different purposes from taking lecture notes to plan marketing campaign.

Students use Notion to prepare their lecture notes and plan other activities. So, in case you want to share your lecture notes with a person that want to read them offline, so creating a PDF is a great choice.

In this article, we are sharing how you can export notion as PDF on Android devices.

Video Tutorial

If you do not want to watch this video tutorial then skip to the tutorial, I hope will be able to Export Notion as PDF on Android by reading the step-by-step tutorial below.

How to Export Notion as PDF on Android?

To export Notion as PDF, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Notion Android App and Open Notion Document

First of all, you need to launch Notion app on your Android device and then open the notion document you want to export as PDF.

Step 2: Navigate to Actions >  Export

After opening the Notion document, you need to open Actions tab by clicking on three dots menu icon. In Actions tab, find and click on Export option.

How to Export Notion as PDF on Android?

How to Export Notion as PDF on Android?

Step 3: Choose Export format as PDF and Export

In Export section, you need to choose Export format as PDF, then you can also choose preferred Page Format and then click on Export to Export Notion as PDF file.

How to Export Notion as PDF on Android?

After exporting Notion as PDF, you’ll get option to share the Exported PDF on other apps. It helps you to share your notes.

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