How to Enable Reading List on Chrome?

Chrome recently introduced the Reading List feature in their beta version which is similar to Collections in Microsoft Edge. It currently comes pre-enabled in Chrome Beta. You can download the beta version and use it directly. However, if you’re not a beta tester, you just need to follow this guide in order to enable Reading List in Chrome.

Reading List is a really helpful feature as it helps you to collect articles and blog posts to read later. You can mark articles as read or unread, which makes them different from Bookmarks. Google has previously named it “Read Later” but later on they changed the name of this feature to “Reading List”. Reading List got introduced in the latest Chrome 89 update along with many cool features.

How to Enable Reading List on Chrome?

Follow the steps given below to enable Reading List on Chrome:

Step 1: Open Chrome Flags

To begin with, you need to open Chrome Flags. Open chrome flags by writing chrome://flags in the address bar and hit enter. It will open Chrome flags in your Chrome browser.

Step 2: Search for Reading List

Search for “Reading List” in the search bar of Chrome Flags.

Step 3: Enable Reading List in Flag

Now, choose Enable from the options given in front of the Reading List chrome flag. It will enable the Reading List feature in your Chrome.

Step 4: Relaunch Chrome to use Reading List

Chrome will enable Reading List after you enable the flag, but you need to Relaunch chrome in order to use the Reading List.

Step 5. Reading List is enabled now

Reading List is now activated on your version of Chrome, now you can save your important articles and read them later.

How to use Reading List in Chrome?

Step 1: Right-click on the tab

Step 2: Click Add tab to Reading List

Step 3: Tap on Reading List in the Top-Right corner

Step 4: Start Reading your saved articles


Reading List is a nice feature to save your favorite articles and manage them with no distractions. However, there are people who think it’s a useless feature, for those people, you can disable this feature by following this guide.

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