How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Keep

Google Keep is quite useful in a lot of different ways. The main purpose of this app to make important notes once and access them anywhere at any time. But you can use the app in many different manners. If you’re having Android 10 on your phone, then you don’t need to do any efforts. It will be automatically enabled when you enable system-wide dark mode. But, if you’re using older Android versions then you need to enable it manually on your smartphone. So, its time to leave your comfort zone and do it manually, because there are tons of benefits of it.

Benefits of Dark Mode in Google Keep

There are many benefits of enabling dark mode in Google Keep :

  1. Increases Battery Life: It increases the battery life of your phone
  2. Reduced Eye Strain: It also reduces the eye strain because less amount of light is emitted in dark mode
  3. Readability: It also helps in reading the content in a better way

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Keep

You can enable dark mode in your Google Keep app manually by just following the steps below. Believe me, it’s not rocket science. Let’s start :

1. Update the Google Keep App

If you have your Google Keep updated to the latest version, then ignore this step. For those who are using older versions, please update it to the latest version from Google Play Store.

2. Turn on Dark Mode

Open the Google Keep App and click on the hamburger menu button in the app. After that, select the Settings option by scrolling down in the side menu. In the settings options, Tap on the Enable Dark Mode toggle and this way you can enable dark mode on your Google Keep app.

Now you’ll notice that the app is now dark like a rainy cloud. Everything including Home Screen, Notes background and even settings tab is dark now. Now, the taskbar is also dark as you can see in the screenshots below. Follow DroidMaze on Twitter.

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