How to Earn and Use MX Player Coins

MX Player rewards users with MX Player coins. Learn how to earn and use MX Player coins in the MX Player App on Android.

MX Player offers a free streaming service which is possible due to the extensive ads that you see in the MX Player app, but you can remove those intensive ads in the MX Player app by following our detailed tutorial. Along with Free Streaming of a lot of movies and TV Shows, MX Player rewards it’s users while they watch their favorite TV Show or Movies with Virtual MX Player coins.

I am sure, if you’re a regular registered user of MX Player, you must have encountered a message says “30 coins rewards received” while watching your favorite show.

Do you know, how to use these MX Player Coins? Have you ever wondered what is the benefit of these virtual MX Player coins? If yes, let me solve the mystery and tell you the actual use of these MX Player coins.

MX Player Coins
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How to Use MX Player Coins?

MX Player coins are rewards that are given to the users of MX Player movies and shows. These coins can be redeemed in many ways:

Exclusive Brand Discounts

MX Player coins can be redeemed as discount coupons from different brands that partnered with the MX Player service. You can redeem the coins with coupons and then apply the coupon while purchasing products from that brand.

Currently, the following brands are partners with MX Player:

  • CrossLoop
  • Floweraura
  • Lybrate
  • Myntra
  • AJIO
  • 1MG
  • Vedantu
  • TAGG

Brand Gift Cards

MX Player users can also redeem their coins in exchange of exclusive brand gift cards. There are many brands that are offering Gift Cards that can be used while purchasing their products and get additional discounts. Following brands partnered with MX Player:

  • CrossLoop
  • Lybrate
  • AJIO
  • BurgerKing
  • Zivame
  • GoMechanic
  • Zoomin
  • EaseMytrip

Free Access to Premium Content:

With MX Player coins, you can access the premium content offered by MX Player for free. You just need to collect the required amount of coins and then redeem the coins to access premium content for free.

Steps to Redeem MX Player Coins:

Follow the steps carefully to redeem your collected coins in exchange to any of the above listed offers:

Step #1: Launch MX Player App from App Launcher

Step #2: Open Sidebar menu in MX Player App

Step #3: Click on coins icon in Sidebar menu

Step #4: Switch to Redeem Section

Step #5: Choose any offer and redeem in exchange of coins

If you run out of coins or you need more coins to redeem a particular offer, then follow the next section of the tutorial, in which I explained How to earn MX Player coins.

How to Earn MX Player Coins?

If you need more coins in your MX Player coin wallet, the follow the tutorial step by step carefully:

Method #1: Create an Account with MX Player

You need to create an account with MX player in order to receive the signup bonus for MX Player.

Method #2: Invitation Code

If some of your friends invited you to install MX Player, then you can redeem their invitation code and receive 100 MX Player coins for free.

You can use the Invite code- XXILMTQT

Method #3: Daily Check-ins

MX Player also reward you for daily login in your MX Player App. You receive 10 coins for daily login to MX Player app.

Method #4: Watch Videos and TV Shows

As I already told you, that you’ll recieve MX Player coins for watching videos and TV Shows. There are rates decided according to timestamps.

Watchtime Coins Rewarded
1 min 5 coins
5 mins 15 coins
10 mins 30 coins
20 mins 50 coins
30 mins 75 coins

Method #5: Invite Friends to MX Player

You can earn MX Player coins just by referring the App to your friend and sending them your Invite code. You’ll get rewarded with 50 coins per invite.


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