How to Disable Instagram Reels in 2021

Instagram added the Reels feature as an alternative to TikTok. Not everyone liked it. There are many Instagram users who want to disable Instagram Reels. These people didn’t like the feature and feel that Instagram just forced the feature to their accounts. Instagram should’ve provided the option to disable Instagram reels within the app.

I am not a big fan of the Reels feature on Instagram, so I thought to find some way to remove it. But there’s no such option in the Instagram app. So, I did some research and this article is based on that research. I found some ways that will help you to get rid of Instagram reels. There are some guaranteed ways while others are tweaks and tricks.

There are many methods that you can use to disable Instagram Reels. You can try the methods and look at which works for you. These are not the official methods as no such efforts have been made by the Instagram team.

How to Disable Instagram Reels in 2021?

We are sharing different methods to disable Instagram Reels. You can try these methods and find out the one works best for you. Here are the methods to disable Instagram Reels:

Method 1: Disable Instagram Reels in Android

To disable Instagram Reels in Android, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the current Instagram app with Reels feature from your Android Device
  2. Download the Instagram version with no Instagram reels feature
  3. Allow the unknown sources or Chrome to install the downloaded Instagram APK
  4. Launch and use the Instagram app with no Reels feature and Enjoy.
  5. Disable Auto Updates to Instagram app from Play Store

Note: Instagram version of the Instagram app was released before the launch of the Instagram Reels feature. So, It doesn’t have the Instagram app, and the APK we are providing is sourced from Softpedia.

Method 2: Disable Instagram Reels using Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite app lets you browse Instagram with minimal features. It is developed for low-end Android smartphones. Instagram Lite app doesn’t come with Instagram Reels, so you can Install it to Disable Instagram reels using Instagram Lite.

Open Play Store and Install the Instagram Lite app to disable Instagram Reels in Android devices. Instagram Lite app doesn’t offer the Instagram Reels feature. It is the best method to remove/hide Instagram Reels feature on Android.

Method 3: Disable Instagram Reels in Web

You can use the Instagram web app and get rid of Instagram Reels feature. Instagram doesn’t support the Reels feature in their web app. However, they are planning to add Reels to their web app but not very soon.

You can use the Instagram web app on both Android phones and PC. It is another way to get rid of Instagram reels or disable Instagram Reels.

How to Remove Reels on Instagram Account?

To remove Reels on Instagram Account, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Instagram Android App and navigate to Instagram Profile
  2. Switch to the Instagram reels section/grid to display all your Instagram reels
  3. Open the Instagram Reel you want to remove from your Instagram AccountDISABLE INSTAGRAM REELS
  4. Tap on three-dot menu to open options for that Instagram ReelDISABLE INSTAGRAM REELS
  5. Choose Delete from the menu to remove reels on Instagram accountDISABLE INSTAGRAM REELS

How to Hide Reels on Instagram Account?

If you want to hide Reels on Instagram account or feed. You will need to follow these steps carefully:

  1. Open the Instagram Android app and Navigate to your Feed/Explore tab
  2. Tap on the Reel you want to hide from your Instagram account or Feed
  3. Tap on the three-dot menu and click on the Hide option. It will hide Reels on Instagram account.

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