How to Delete Telegram Username?

Delete Telegram username – Telegram allows you to connect with other people without sharing your phone number. You can share your Telegram username with other people and they can contact you. It is a pretty handy feature when you want to contact someone but at the same time, you don’t want to share your personal details like a phone number. It is a feature not available in other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal.

But, it is also being misused by many spammers. If you have a common username then you may end up being added to random groups on Telegram. Well, you can solve this problem altogether. You need to delete Telegram username and all such problems will vanish.

In this article, I will be showing you a step-by-step tutorial to delete Telegram username. It is pretty simple and you can delete Telegram username with these simple steps.

How to Delete Telegram Username?

To delete Telegram username, you need to follow these steps carefully:

1. Navigate to Telegram Settings

In the Telegram app, you need to navigate to Telegram settings. Click on the hamburger menu and tap on the Settings option in the sidebar menu to open Telegram Settings.

Delete Telegram Username

2. Tap on Username under the Account section

In this Telegram settings section, you need to click on the Telegram username. It will open the Username editing section of the Telegram account.

Delete Telegram Username

3. Clear Username section to Delete Telegram Username

Now, in the Username edit section of Telegram account settings, you need to clear the existing Telegram username. It will allow you to delete Telegram username.

Delete Telegram Username

4. Save Username to Delete Telegram Username

After you clear the username section, you need to save the blank username. It will delete Telegram username or you can say remove username from your Telegram account.

Delete Telegram Username

Note: You can get back the username for your Telegram account. You need to navigate to settings and then open the username section. In the username section, you need to enter a username that is available and save it. Now, you got your Telegram username back.

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