How to Delete Telegram Chat Folders?

Chat Folders were introduced last year in Telegram 6.0 update that helps you to organise your chats and clear the clutter. It is a very handy feature for the power users who are chatting with many people and bots along with that subscribed to hundreds of Channels. To clear all the clutter, Chat Folders feature was introduced.

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Although Telegram Chat Folders is a pretty handy feature, but if you want to delete Chat Folders in Telegram, just follow this tutorial along with us.

How to Delete Telegram Chat Folders

To delete Telegram Chat folders, follow these steps:

1. Launch Telegram App for AndroidDelete Telegram Chat Folders

2. Open Telegram Sidebar menu

3. Open Telegram Settings from Sidebar menu

4. Go to Folders under Settings section

5. Click three dot beside the Folder to deleteDelete Telegram Chat Folders

6. Click Delete option to Delete FolderDelete Telegram Chat Folders

Chat Folders are very useful feature that helps me to stay focused and avoid distractions while using Telegram. You can declutter your Telegram and keep everything organised to make your life easier.

I hope it helped you to delete Telegram chat folders. Ask your questions and doubts in comments section. You can also subscribe our channel on Telegram for latest Android news and updates.

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  1. It is possible to delete first one i.e ALL
    I don’t want my chats together thats why i created folders but there is still that All Chat folder with no option to delete

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