How to Delete MagicPin Account?

Magicpin’s is a savings app that helps you to save on the bills you pay in your local or online shops. They recently released an Ad mocking CRED’s Rahul Dravid Ad.

If you’re a user of MagicPin and you want to delete MagicPin account for some reasons. We are here to help you.

As of now, if you go to your MagicPin dashboard there’s no such Delete Account option. So, we thought why not ask MagicPin directly, that how their users delete MagicPin account on their own.

So, we headed to Twitter but unfortunately we got no response from officials.

After doing a bit of research, we found that they do have an indirect method of deleting MagicPin account. In their TOC section they mentioned that their users can ask them to delete their account.

So, how you can delete magicpin account, here’s one method, Email the staff.

How to Delete MagicPin Account?

You need to write an email to their support team at [email protected]

Email can be written like this:

Dear MagicPin Support,

I am Abhishek Verma, a user of magicpin app. I am no more interested in using your app for the following reason:



Note: Always send email with the email you used to create magicpin account.

Thank you for reading. Ask questions in comments.

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  1. Kindly Delete my Account As Soon As Possible,
    I am no access this account currently .
    how much time will get Magicpin for deleting account.

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