How to Delete Discord Account on Android

Discord is undoubtedly the biggest community platform for gamers. However, It is not used solely for Gaming purposes. You can create different types of servers on Discord and create a community around any topic.

If you want to delete Discord account on Android, you can follow this step-by-step tutorial. It will help you to completely wipe out your account and remove all the traces of the account.

Why you should delete Discord Account on Android?

Here are few reasons to delete Discord Account on Android:

  1. Duplicate Account: If you have a duplicate discord account, it’s a wise decision to delete your Duplicate account. You can just follow this guide to delete your Discord Account.
  2. Privacy Reasons: If you’re influenced by privacy and security influencers, you can delete your Discord account anyway. It may help you to protect your privacy and security.
  3. Lost Access: If you lost access to the email or phone and are willing to delete the Discord account. I would suggest changing your phone or email instead of deleting the Discord account.

How to Delete Discord Account on Android?

If you’re willing to delete Discord Account on Android for any of the above reasons, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Discord App on Android

To begin with, you need to launch the Discord app on Android. You can launch the Discord app from the Android app drawer or home screen. Tap on the Discord app icon to open Discord App on Android.

Step 2: Go to Profile Section on Discord Android App

After launching the Discord app on Android, you need to open the Profile section of the Discord Android app. To open the Profile section, click on your profile picture in the bottom menu. It will open the Profile section on the Discord Android app.How to Delete Discord Account on Android?

Step 3: Navigate to My Account Section

You are now in the Discord Profile section. It will show your name, hashtag, profile picture, and a bunch of menu options. Click on the My Account option to open the Discord Account settings.How to Delete Discord Account on Android?

Step 4: Enter Password and Delete Discord Account on Android

In the My Account section, you need to scroll down to the bottom. It will show you a red-colored link that says “Delete Account”. Tap on it. It will then ask to Enter a Password. Now you need to enter your Discord account password and then click on the red-colored Delete button. It will delete Discord account on Android.How to Delete Discord Account on Android?

Step 5: Confirm and Delete Discord Account on Android

After you enter the password and click on the Delete option, you need to verify that it was you who was trying to delete the discord account. You will receive an email from Discord with a link to confirm the deletion of your Discord Account. Once you will click on the option, Discord will start the account deletion process which will complete within 7 days.

Note: Before you delete the Discord Account on Android, you need to delete the Discord servers you deleted. It is a must-do step before deleting your Discord account. So, make sure to delete the servers you created before deleting your discord account.

How to Delete Discord Account on Android?

Even after confirming the deletion, you can restore your Discord account within 24 hours. Login to your Discord account and click on the Restore Account button to restore your Discord account.

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