How to Convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker?

GIFs are fantastic partners on smartphones for making a conversation more exciting or conveying yourself better, and they can be used in nearly every occasion. Let’s convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker. Those who use WhatsApp, on the other hand, may want to use the stickers, which are also quite entertaining.

The good news is that if you are utilizing an Android phone, it is feasible to transform part of the picture from a GIF to a sticker, which, regardless of not being computer animated, can raise your collection of packages on WhatsApp. Next off, see how to transform part of a GIF to a WhatsApp sticker.

In this article, I will be showing you how you can actually convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker. Previously, we explained the methods to join WhatsApp Beta when its full.

Note: To perform the task stated over, you need to make use of a cost-free application, which is readily available for Android. The iOS version (iPhone system) of the very same program does not have the needed attribute for converting GIFs.

Steps to convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker

To convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker on your Android phone, follow these steps:

  1. Download app: To begin with, you need to install app on your Android phone. You can either install it directly from Google Play Store or get the APK file from MalFreeSoft and install it manually.convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker
  2. Skip account sign-up: If you want to sign-up for an account on But, if you don’t want you can just skip it by clicking on X button on top-left side.
  3. Create an Animated sticker: You need to create an Animated sticker to convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker. Tap on the ‘+’ icon and choose “Animated Sticker”.convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker
  4. Convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker: You can either choose the sticker from Local or Tenor GIFs Library.Choose GIF to make it WhatsApp Sticker
  5. Edit GIF Sticker: After choosing GIF, Stickerly will give you option to edit your GIF. You can add emoji and Text.convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker
  6. Create a New Sticker Pack: As you’re new to Stickerly you won’t have any Sticker packs, so you need to create one yourself and set it as private if you want. Choose Continue with Google option.convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker
  7. Add Sticker to WhatsApp: Your WhatsApp sticker pack is ready now. Tap on Add to WhatsApp button and choose WhatsApp app to add all the stickers to your WhatsApp app.convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker

Note: You are now able to convert GIF to WhatsApp Sticker. Also in the last step, you’ll get to choose WhatsApp app only if you have installed multiple WhatsApp apps like Business and Messenger.

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