How to change Device Name in Realme Phones

Realme Phones have their device name as “realme <model>” by default. It is the name which is displayed to other devices when you connect to bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct of your Realme Phones.

If you want to change device name of Realme Phones then follow the methods and steps shared in this tutorial.

How to change Device Name in Realme Phones

To change device name in Realme phones, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings in Realme Phones

First of all you need to open Settings in your Realme Phones, to change device name.

How to change Device Name in Realme Phones

Step 2: Open About Phone section

In settings of Realme Phones, you’ll get an option of “About Phone” which you need to open.

How to change Device Name in Realme Phones

Step 3: Click Device Name Option

In About Phone section, you’ll have a lot of information about your Realme Phone. You need to click on Device Name option.

Step 3: How to change Device Name in Realme Phones

Step 4: Change Device Name in Realme Phones

Upon clicking Device Name, you’ll get a Popup section, where you need to enter a new name for your Realme Phones to change Device name.

Change the Device Name

Step 5: Save Device Name

After entering the new Device name, just click save to change the device name for Realme Phones.

Step 5: Save Device Name

Some cool Names for Your Realme Phones

  • J.A.R.V.I.S.

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