How to Change Chat Wallpaper in Signal

Signal is becoming more and more popular after the outrage against Facebook owned WhatsApp over privacy and security concerns.

In this article, I will show you the method to change chat wallpaper in Signal. In Signal app, you can change your Chat background/wallpaper to either a solid color or a picture from your Android Phone’s gallery.

Let’s have a look, How your can change chat wallpaper in Signal.

How to Change Chat Wallpaper in Signal

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To change char wallpaper in Signal, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Signal settings

In Signal app, tap on your Profile icon at top-left corner to open Signal settings.

Change Chat Wallpaper in Signal

Step 2: Open Signal Appearance Settings

In Signal Settings, you need to find Appearance option and tap on it to open Signal Appearance Settings.

Change Chat Wallpaper in Signal

Step 3: Go to Chat Color & Wallpaper

Appearance Settings will have a lot of options to change the way Signal app looks. You need to open Chat Color & Wallpaper from the Appearance options.

Change Chat Wallpaper in Signal

Step 4: Navigate to  Set Wallpaper and choose Chat wallpaper

In Chat Color & Wallpaper, you need to open Set Wallpaper and then either choose flat color or an image from Phone’s gallery. Now you’ve successfully changed chat wallpaper in Signal.

Change Chat Wallpaper in Signal

Change Chat Wallpaper in Signal

If you want to download wallpapers for your Signal background, then you can use these websites or apps:

1. DeviantArt: DeviantArt is a very popular community website for artists and art lovers. Digital artists share their art which is great for people looking for a specific type of wallpapers as everything here is well categorised.

2. ArtStation: ArtStation is another community based website to look for digital art and wallpapers to Change Chat Wallpaper in Signal. It is a hub of digital artists and a lot of digital artists collaborate and share their artwork here.

3. r/AndroidThemes: r/AndroidThemes is my favourite subreddit for wallpapers and custom widgets. It is a community of people who design custom themes and homescreens and share their assets with other community members. It is a must look place to get fine art and wallpapers to Change Chat Wallpaper in Signal.

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